About Us

COSMIC INFOSYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED is a manufacturer of Dish Antenna and Set Top Boxes (SSI Unit) and also a System Integrator Company providing state of the art Technology and Solutions to Distance Education, Teleconferencing, Telemedicine and DTH for various States. Started in 1990, as a trading institution, supplying precision antennas, emerged as a technology group, specialized in Fiber Glass Parabolic Antennas, Motorized Multi Satellite Tracking Systems and Distance Education concepts. We are approved by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Cosmic Info Systems, part of COSMIC GROUP, is a limited liability company, Incorporated as per the Indian Company’s Act with its Corporate office in Bangalore.

With the Team of Best of Breed from Production, Technical, Sales & Marketing and Servicing, we provide cutting Edge Technology and World Class Solutions in the field of Satellite Communications and EDUSAT Services.

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