(1) Manufacturing of Dish Antenna and Set Top Boxes and supply for Channels and Broadcasters.

(2) Feasibility Study at Pre Project Level

(3) Total Configuration of EDUSAT / GRAMSAT (e-Governance) Projects.

(4) Studio and Earth Station setup for uplinking.

(5) Down linking solution in ‘C’ Band & Extended ‘C’ Band and ‘Ku’ Band.

(6) Two way Audio Video and Data Connectivity through Satellite.

(7) Supply, Installations and Maintenance of DRS (Direct Reception System), ROT’s (Receive Only Terminals) and SIT’s (Satellite Interactive Terminals).

(8) Onsite Training of user personal in system maintenance.

(9) Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract, during warranty and Post warranty period.

(10) Feasibility Study at Pre Project Level

(11)  Development of Animated Digital Content, (State Relevent)

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