Technical Specification:

I.  General

1. Product Type
STB Type NO. DVB –S2
STB Type DVB-S2 Digital Receiver(HD)(FTA)
Interface USB2.0, HDMI, RCA, SPDIF

2. Main Chipset
Demodulator ALI-M3501
Tuner AV2012
Memory DDR-II800 (64M*16) ×1
FLASH Serial Flash (16M Bit)

II. Software Features

Encoding Standard MPEG-1, MPEG-2 Main Profile @ Main Level(HD);
ISO/IEC 14496 MPEG4 compliant Support SP@L3 to ASP@L5;
ISO/IEC14496-10 AVChigh profile@level 4.1 mainprofile@level 4.1;
Xvid USB2.0 Mediaplayer& PhotobrowsingwithUSBflashDisk.;
HDMI HighDefinitionMedia Interface,V1.3
Aspect ratio 16:9wide screen, 4:3 letterbox, 4:3 pan scan
PVR Function PVRwithUSBflashDisk.
SPDIF PCMorBitStream
Channels Number 5000 Channels, 2000TP memory space
Usals USALS supports (Version 1.3)
EPG Support 7days
Teletext 16 color, up to 800 page
Multi language English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese,
Turkish, Spanish, Polish, Italian
True Color OSD 8bit/16bit/32bit color
PAN/NTSC Automatic PAL/NTSC conversion
Parental Lock Menu Lock, Channel Lock
Software Upgrade

Front Panel.

LED Indicator GREEN: Signal lock RED:POWER IR Carrier 38KHz
Digital 4 Digit 7 Segment Display

Video Decoder.

MPEG-2 MP@ML Video decodingH264 HP@L3 Video decoding Video input Rate Max. 80Mbit/s @ MPEG2, Max. 25Mbit/s @ H.264/AVCVideo formats 4:3(letterbox), 4:3(Pan & Scan), 16:9

2. Back panel

LNB IN IEC169-24 ,F-Type , Female LNB OUT IEC169-24 ,F-Type , Female RCA CVBS, Audio left, Audio right, Y/Pb/Pr, S/PDIF HDMI HighDefinitionMedia Interface, passed1.3b1certification USB Universal Serial Bus Power 95V~250V Power supply.

3. Remoter

Remoter Type 42 key remote Battery 2* 1.5VAAA

4. STB Mechanical

STB Mechanical 300mm(Wide)*175mm(Distance)*42mm(High)

IV. Electric Performance

1. Clock CPU clock 216MHz Memory clock 400MHz System Clock: 27MHz±20ppm

2. Tuner

Tuner Type AV2012 Frequency Range 950MHz~2150MHz Input Impedance 75R Input Level Range -65~25dBm Channel selectionSystem PLL synthesizer(Clock:27MHz)

3. TS Demux

Constellation QPSK / 8PSK/ 16APSK Maximum bitrate QPSK MAX: 45 x 2 x 7/8 = 78.75Mbit/s 8PSK MAX:30M*3*9/10 = 81Mb/s Maximumoutput symbol rate QPSK:45Ms/s 8PSK: 30Ms/s

4. Video Decode

Video Decode ISO/IEC 13818-2 MPEG2 MP@HL; ISO/IEC 14496 MPEG4 compliant Support SP@L3 to ASP@L5; ISO/IEC 14496-10 AVC high profile@level 4.1 main profile@level 4.1 Input Rate Max. 80Mbit/s @MPEG2 Max. 60Mbit/s @ H.264/AVC Aspect Ratio 16:9 wide screen, 4:3 letter box, 4:3 pan scan Video Resolution 576i, 576p,720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080P Videooutput impedance 75R Videooutput level 1.2V

5. Audio Decode

Audio Decode ISO/IEC13818 Sound Mode Left, Right, Stereo. Sampling Frequency 20Hz~48KHz Audiooutput impedance 600R Audio output level 1.5V

6. Multimedia Support

Photo JPEG、BMP Audio MP3 Video MPEG1、MPEG2、MPEG4、H264、

7. Environment

Input Voltage AC95V~250V, 50/60Hz Output Voltage DC 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 23V Consumption MAX 15W Temperature -20~50 Humid


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